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Meet the Team: Meet the Team

The Main Players 

Bryan Johnson
Co-Founder / Partner

A National Interventionist since 2005 with a network associated to 400 treatment centers coast to coast.
A graduate of DePaul University. Seasoned Strategic Executive Marketing Professional that includes creating Strategic Marketing Plans with 15 years of Data Driven Analysis for effective execution. Specializes working within Addiction Treatment Programs, Wilderness Treatment Programs, Extended Care & Sober Living Programs. Including Private Practice and Group Practices.

Seasoned mental health practitioner with demonstrated track record of successfully working with diverse client populations in one-on-one and group settings. Life coach and Mentor Skilled at Motivating, Communicating and Advocating for clients dealing with substance abuse, mental health, and emotional disorders. Seventeen years of experience in Corporate America as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Bry Works tirelessly to improve the standards of intervention treatment to ensure people in crisis get the care they both need and deserve.


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Madison Meruvia
Yoga Instructor

 Madison, a lover of the arts, life, and human connections. Life is tough, for most of us, and she is here to help guide those on a journey to peace. Not world peace, but the peace within. Balancing the yin and the yang, practicing the Yamas and the Niyamas, and finding the space within no matter where you are.

She is a graduate of University of Illinois with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. She is  a registered yoga teacher RYT 200, a certified Tai-Chi Easy instructor, and a certified reflexologist.

Business Stratagy Leadership Consultant (Leadership Retreats)

Outdoor Yoga

Teambuilding Facilitators        


Fly Fishing for those Rainbow Trout

Easy Routes to Asheville (AVL) 

Ashley Akeso 
Partner / Dir of Operations 

Ashley Akeso assists guests and businesses optimize their energy to enhance wellness on physical, mental, spiritual and professional paths. Ashley is dedicated to helping our guests explore the deeper meaning of their lives and life journey. Through personal, group and corporate retreats, as well as special events; Ashley creates a safe place for guests and associates to embrace spiritual growth and transformation.
For Ashley, addiction ravaged her soul and stole all passion, joy and childlike wonder of whom she could be in this world. The magic of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a courageous leap of faith worked tenderly to restore her broken spirit, one day at a time. She learned through her journey that she had gifts and talents destined to be shared with the world, as unique as the fingerprints on her hand.
Drawing on proven methods and modalities, Ashley offers precise answers and tools to guide your personal, team and corporation’s journey toward well-being every step of the way. Welcome to BlueRidge Balance; we operate with a playful spirit and intellectual honesty. Asking big questions about the world outside, as well as the world within each and every one of us beautiful souls.

At BlueRidge Balance we treat the spectrum of psychological disorders and concerns experienced by all ages of the human race. We work within the entire range of wellness, helping to heal mood and anxiety disorders, family work and boundaries, substance abuse, adjustments and transitions, relationships, stressors and anger reactions, sleep hygiene, sexual relations, attention subvariants, pain management, medical illness, nonviolent communication and the list continues on. BlueRidge Balance Therapy has the professionals you need to maximize your life balance and enjoyment. From telehealth, one on one therapy, to the wide world of personal, group and corporate retreats, we meet you where you are in life and working together, elevate you to a better tomorrow. Thank you for choosing BlueRidge Balance and thank you for being you.

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Skilled Hiking


Our Instructors have tenure providing services of this nature, first aid & CPR certified. They have been providing services of this nature with other related programs for many years. 

Art Expressions Instructors

art intro

Horseback Riding Faciltators 

Cattle Herders

Stunning Views Of the Blue Ridge 


Guided Father / Son Retreats 

River Tubing (1/2 day, all day)

Zip Lining 


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