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Meet the Team: Meet the Team
Empty Kayaks

Tube & Kayak rentals are unguided; you get to be the captain of your boat and enjoy your time on the river. If you aren’t quite sure about paddling by yourself in your group, you might like to hire one of our experienced guides to join your group. They are available separately for an additional charge.

You’ll pick out your rental tube or kayak (or a mix of boats with a group!) and get a safety talk and instructions on paddling your boat. On this section of the Broad River as it flows outside of Boiling Springs, the depth of the water ranges from 2 feet to as deep as 8 feet with gently moving Class 1 and 2 water that is comfortable for novice paddlers to navigate and have a lot of fun. Our new kayak rentals are designed to serve kids, parents, and grandparents of nearly any age – making this the perfect outing for families and multi-generational groups.

After you get your gear and rental canoe or kayak, and complete your safety talk and navigation instruction, you will launch your vessel and paddle at your own pace to BlueRidge Balance New River take-out where you will take our High Mountain Expeditions shuttle to our New River Outpost.

BlueRidge Balance guests are required to sign a standard release of liability and acknowledgment before departing on any adventure, acknowledging the associated risks and apparent dangers associated with the adventure.

Whats Included

We want to make sure your safe while having fun.

When you’re a newer paddler, it’s smart to minimize possible complications when you choose a destination. Look for these attributes as you plan:

  • Calm, flat water: rapids and surf are for experts

  • Small bodies of water: big ponds and little lakes

  • Popular with other paddlers: They might be able to help if you get into trouble.

  • Not popular with power boats: Better yet, go where they’re prohibited.

  • Destinations where you have a tailwind on the way home: That does mean, though, that you’ll have a headwind on the way there.

  • Routes that keep you close to shore: Shorelines are more interesting, anyway.

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