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Healthcare Professionals Retreats 

Created by Healthcare Professionals who understand your needs in today's stressful World 

We work to build healthcare capacity and create fun and engaging personal development for medical professionals. We know the healthcare profession can be incredibly demanding and stressful. As part of our program model, we enjoy providing opportunities for health professionals to receive holistic health education while relaxing and recharging in beautiful wilderness settings. We fill the schedule with all types of movement and wellness activities, but everything is optional. This retreat is for YOU.

These retreats are located in the BlueRidge Mountians of Western North Carolina and include activities such as whitewater rafting, hiking, and swimming, in addition to yoga, pilates, meditation, and other wellness workshops. Our river retreats are typically 3 days long.


Your Host, Bryan Johnson, a Healthcare Professional who is wise to the Blue Ridge Mountians for the Past 17 years & Dedicated, Passionate team await you. 

The setting...
The setting, Asheville North Carolina and the magic of the Blue Ridge Mountians. The food, the learning, the challenges, the joy… it’s all magical. But then there are the PEOPLE, building connection and community through a common purpose: health professionals from all walks of life dedicated to seeking skills in promoting health and wellness for themselves and their patients.

How We Roll...
We believe there is not a set recipe for a well-rounded health professional and many of us crave a variety of skills and adventures in our life. Our passion for providing these experiences has connected us to some of the most incredible faculty and guides in the industry.

Four Days. Three Nights...
If your group
 is flying in, your Group is greeted by one of our Professional staff at the Asheville Airport Baggage Claim Area. If your group is driving in , one of our professional staff will greet you at the lodge and get you checked in. Before your arrival , your group will already have your lodge site selected, your activity plan selected during the regristration process two weeks in advance. Our team wants to make your experience with us seamless and highly memorible. 


Routines are important. They offer stability in an otherwise chaotic world. But from time to time, it’s equally as essential to break them. Sometimes, a break in routine can clear your mind: you may discover something new about yourself. Other times, it may unlock creativity—a necessity if you work in a creative field, are an entrepreneur, or crave creative expression. A retreat allows you to step away from your structured regimen and provide some much-needed clarity—no matter the reason.
Immersing yourself in nature has many benefits: it can have a de-stressing effect, may improve attention spans, can reduce fatigue, and the list goes on. Located in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountians of Western NC, connecting with nature is built into every aspect of BlueRidge Balance retreats. Whether you walk through the woods or lie along the secluded beach, there is no shortage of ways to get back to nature during your retreat.


Spa Pool

Spa Day

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Ready to Serve

Fine Dining

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