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BlueRidge Balance Four Day Immersion Program. 
Geared For Young Adult Men At Eight Months & Forward In Recovery. 

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We created BlueRidge Balance based on the idea that people are interested in undertaking a journey from the outside world to their inner nature. Our retreats are located in the most stunning and peaceful settings in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville NC, so that our guests can enjoy an enriching and memorable experience that will change the concept of daily life into moments of deep connection and appreciation. 

BlueRidge Balance was created for those in recovery at 8 months and forward of their personal recovery.  Research indicates that in this intersection of recovery, young adults in recovery have worked hard completing primary care and extended care.  Many at this point in their journey are working hard with their peer,support systems and have nearly complete their 12 step framework with sponsors.


 However, statistics reveal many people will self sabotage at this mark and many have a tendency to shift away from what they worked so hard to achieve at this point.  At BlueRidge Balance we offer a 4 day immersion experience with 12 step reflection working with each guest on a step they are struggling individually. Through experiential activities and majestic beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina spiritually thrives.

The Mountains are majestic. It is spectacular and the power of healing is overwhelmingly present.  That step our guest is struggling with to become meaningful and manageable.  

We believe by developing strong ties with the 12-step community the chances of success increase exponentially.  Our Monthly Groups are limited to no more than 7 guests each retreat. Therefore, making your experience a very special one....
While navigating the challenges of backcountry travel in the wilderness, our participants get to see what they are truly capable of accomplishing. We help our guests become multicultural leaders in the following areas:

Confidence – Building confidence and self-worth through mastery of skills, achievement of goals, and development of positive relationships surrounding their recovery.

Courage – Helping develop and act with courage.
Empowering our partitipants with a sense of resiliency to overcome life’s challenges.

Community Awareness – Fostering respect and creating an environment where all feel valued for their unique perspective and contribution.

Wonder – Providing opportunities to have fun, learn to marvel at nature, and feel a sense of curiosity.

            Celebrate our Accomplishments & Departure. 

We enjoy a wonderful Buffet Brunch to process the tast three days and head back to the real world. Wiser....

What did we Experience? 

When using the Experiencing style, you are engaged, connected, warm and intuitive. You excel in teamwork and establish trusting relationships with others. You are comfortable with emotional expression.

What did we Imagine? 

When using the Imagining style, you are caring, trusting, empathetic and creative. You demonstrate self-awareness and empathy for others. You are comfortable in ambiguous situations, and you enjoy helping others, generating new ideas and creating a vision for the future.

What did you reflect upon?

When using the Reflecting style, you are patient, careful and reserved, allowing others to take center stage. You listen with an open mind and gather information from a variety of sources. You are able to view issues from many perspectives and identify underlying problems and issues. Your discovered BlueRidge Balance! When using the Balancing style, you identify blind spots in your Recovery, able to safely work through them & situations. You have the ability to bridge differences between people. You are resourceful and can adapt to shifting priorities.

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