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We are BlueRidge Balance, an exclusive Boutique Consulting & Marketing Firm servicing the Behavior Health Community.

Our offices located in Asheville NC & Chicago IL. Since our founding in 2020, we have built up a team of passionate and thoughtful storytellers who put immense amounts of effort into producing great results for our clients. Through a wide range of services, we provide strategic guidance by coming up with the right solution for each client we serve.

This includes creating strategic Marketing Plans that tie into your Organizations overall Business Plan for your Organization through 15 years of Data Driven Analysis for effective execution. 

Our approach is to understand your goals in the marketplace and vision deeply in order to craft successful media and outreach campaigns. We will strategically connect you with other professionals through networking events and conference presence.

 Our Team Specializes working within Addiction Treatment Programs, Wilderness Treatment Programs, Extended Care & Sober Living Programs. Including Private Practice and Group Practices.  Contact us today to learn how we can help.


Bryan Johnson

President and Founder


           Christina Pantoja

Admin & Marketing Assistant 

Bryan Johnson is the President and Founder of BlueRidge Balance LLC. In this capacity, he directs the firm’s strategic advisory services to Behavior Health Care Providers. Bryan has over 17 years’ experience in Corporate America as Vice President Sales and Marketing. 15 years’ experience various Behavior Health Care

Prior to founding BlueRidge Balance LLC, Bryan was a leading National Interventionist known as BridgeBack Interventions across the country and praised by 100's of Programs for the craft of his work. Bryan has over 35 years tenure related to Strategic Marketing and 15 Years tenure Behavior Health.  Bryan has successfully created two flourishing programs from Grassroots to Launch and servicing clients today. 

Bryan has 12 years of professional experience and certified in web-site building , content creation, and other critical areas to position for SEO and Organic reach. 

Bryan Johnson received his BA from DePaul University Chicago, Illinois Clinical and Community Psychology. Bryan also attended St. Augustine College, Chicago, Illinois in addiction theory and counseling. 

Christina Pantoja is our Admin & Marketing Assistant. Christina is responsible for the organizations day to day Administrative needs and maintains our presence by attending various events across Chicagoland Related to Behavior Health Care. Christina in a round about way is the backbone for our Chicago office, has a passion for the Healthcare Community and always availible at a moments notice to jump in and serve our clients.