BlueRidge Balance

        Strategic Consulting & Business Development Strategies Servicing the Behavior Health Community

        Our Founder Bryan Johnson






Bryan Johnson, a National Interventionist since 2007 of BridgeBack Interventions has congregated a small team of professionals and founded BlueRidge Balance LLC. Our team combined has over 100 years’ experience with Creating Marketing Plans, Training Sales Teams, Market Positioning & Market Analysis in the Behavior Health Field. We are tenured working with leadership who have Clinical Framework surrounding their Leadership responsibilities and able to offer professional insight and resources to Brand and Position the craft of your work to the Marketplace. His team is passionate about the various services we offer to accommodate your growth in the marketplace. This includes creating strategic Marketing Plans for your Organization with 15 years of Data Driven Analysis for effective execution. 



Our Team Specializes working within Addiction Treatment Programs, Wilderness Treatment Programs, Extended Care & Sober Living Programs.

                                                                                     Including Private Practice and Group Practices. 

At BlueRidge Balance, we care about our clients’ success. Our approach is to understand your goals in the marketplace and vision deeply in order to craft successful media and outreach campaigns. We will strategically connect you with other professionals through networking events and conference presence.    

I believe that, when people are learning, they are growing. I am on a quest to make excellence a part of those lives that I come in contact with. For me, every day is an opportunity to make the world that I live and work in a better, more creative and more compassionate place.

Bryan Johnson~



Successful leaders keep their minds open to new things because they know that no matter how high their level of mastery, there's always more to discover. Learning is the key to growth and leaders who understands the purpose of continuous development raise the tide of everyone around them.

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